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Birthdate:Sep 23
Location:New York, United States of America
[ A Roleplay Blog for Anna!Morgan from Fire Emblem: Awakening for Ruby City. ]

Heh-- this stuff is amazing, really. All these words stored on this little device; it's like having a whole library in your cloak pocket. I bet dad's never seen anything like this. Anyway, where do I even start? Um. Hi! My name is Morgan. ...That's all I can remember, really. Oh, right! I have a father, too, a really great strategist; pretty much the coolest guy in existence. His name is, um. Robin? Probably. And my mom is...ah, gosh,'s all pretty fuzzy right now. I should really know their names for sure! It hasn't been that long, has it?

I'm not sure how I got here, really. I just sort of woke up, and there I was, alone in a big, wide open field, with dad nowhere to be seen. So I figured, new and strange place...might as well get to looking for dad, at least, right?
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